Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Suki's Sentence: First Spanking

Suki was an 18-year-old Japanese girl who had been living in Europe since she was small. Being caught driving with an open alcopop can was a serious mistake for her, under the new EU 'austerity' sentencing laws. Spankings and other corporal punishments had been introduced because they were cheaper than keeping people in jail for minor offences. The judge ordered her to undergo four spankings, "to be delivered to the naked buttocks".

Under the current climate of massive budget cuts, the government didn't employ special people to inflict these new punishments. Instead, they were to be carried out by the same sort of people who could witness documents: doctors, lawyers, teachers, postmasters or postmistresses, and other senior public servants.

Suki had to choose four different people from the list of professions, who would smack her bare butt and then sign a certificate to say they had done so. Highly nervous, she wondered whether to choose men or women. Surely it was more humiliating to have a man take her panties down, but she thought they were more likely to feel sorry for her, and wouldn't spank so hard.

For her first punishment, she simply chose the person who was the least frightening. The local post office was run by a younger man with a kind face. Very timidly, she brought him the form and said "Ummm... would you please do this for me?".

The young man politely asked her to step into the back room. He intended to do this duty properly and give her a sound spanking, but he felt it was kindest to get it done quickly, with no lectures and no ceremony. He ordered Suki over his knee straight away, and pulled down her jeans and panties.

Suki yelled and squirmed as she endured the stinging smacks, delivered not viciously but quite firmly to her bare bottom. Afterwards, the young postmaster lifted her up, looked in her tear-filled eyes, and softly urged her not to break the law again. Then he signed the all-important paper that Suki would have to present to the court within two weeks. But first she had to get three more spankings.

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