Sunday, 19 May 2013

Suki's Sentence: Fourth Spanking

The paddling Suki had received as her third punishment had been so awful that she dreaded choosing the fourth official to give her her last spanking. Only the young postmaster had taken it easy on her, but she wasn't allowed to choose him again. She decided to ask for his advice on who to pick.

The postmaster had felt sorry for Suki when asked to deliver her first spanking, and a little fond of her. However, he had done his duty and smacked her bare behind firmly. When Suki came to him the second time, he suggested that her last punishment be delivered by his sister. "She's not on the list of approved professions, but it will be legal if the spanking is done under my supervision."

Suki didn't mind having him as a witness to her punishment and agreed readily. The postmaster's sister Karen however, when presented with the idea, snorted with derision. She could see that her brother liked Suki, and said "Don't think you're getting your little friend off lightly. If I spank her, I will spank her hard."

He warned Suki about this, but she felt safe knowing he would be there. At the appointed time, Karen ordered Suki to remove her jeans and panties completely, then made her wait half-naked while Karen made herself comfortable in the chair. Suki stood in front of brother and sister with her hands shyly covering her vulva.

Suki was made to lie well over Karen's lap, with her head near the ground. Unless she kept her thighs tightly together, Suki's most private parts would be well exposed from behind. And Karen wanted to humiliate her. She wanted to make Suki part her thighs immodestly - she had removed her victim's panties completely so that Suki's legs would not be trapped but could kick freely. Karen started spanking as hard as she could on the lowest part of Suki's bare cheeks.

Suki cried out and sobbed. She tried to preserve some modesty, and was waiting for the smacks to move higher, over the rest of her bottom, as they usually did. But Karen kept spanking the same low and central spot over and over again. Suki squirmed her hips, still keeping her thighs glued together at first. But as the relentless spanking hurt more and more, she became more desperate to wriggle away from it, and her thighs kicked wildly and seperately.

The postmaster was sitting partially behind her, and she soon had no more secrets from him. He shook his head sadly, but his sister grinned wickedly as she smacked and smacked the bare bottom lying over her lap.

When the spanking was done, Karen left the room, leaving her brother to comfort Suki. "It's all over now" he said as he hugged her. "No more spankings. You can hand the forms in to the court tomorrow. I'll drive you there if you'd like to stay with me until then." Suki thought that was a very good idea.


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